Billy Fuller Golf Design


We begin by reviewing a property with the owner.   We establish a strategic vision for the golf course to ensure it matches the marketing scheme for the membership and property.  The end product is a color rendering of the plan that is invaluable for marketing memberships and home sales.

The strategic narrative describes the course design in detail, along with a hole-by-hole description.  Our objective is to design a course that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, strategically sound and enjoyable for all levels of players, and offers great diversity in par threes, fours and fives, all of which  provides a fun and memorable experience.

Cost & Design Study

We develop a Scope of Work that includes every line item to build the course, and assign estimated cost for each.   We call vendors in the region to determine materials and labor cost for building the various course features.  

We call on contractors familiar with the region to compare notes and finalize the cost estimates.  Also included in the cost estimates are any items associated with the course Grow-in, including maintenance budget, equipment inventory, turf care center, and landscaping.  Billy Fuller has developed such budgets in diverse regions throughout North America.

Schedule Analysis

Based on the scope of work, we develop a line item schedule for construction and grow-in, taking the owner to grand opening day. Having worked on more than 100 courses from start to finish, Mr. Fuller’s experience is invaluable in developing a schedule that minimizes surprises.

Power Point Presentation

This combines all of the aforementioned items in Phase One to offer owners the perfect marketing piece for membership and property sales.

The focus is on the course design, and is presented on a hole-by-hole basis.  Typically Mr. Fuller would make the presentation to the owner or committee first, and then to a larger audience as deemed appropriate.

For a more detailed explanation with sample maps and drawings, click here.