Billy Fuller Golf Design


During construction, we are on site weekly to make all design approvals and review construction specifications.  We produce Site Visit Notes for each course tour describing all design approvals and instructions for the contractor.  For each subsequent site visit we check off any follow up items for the contractor.  

Weekly construction meetings are critical to maintain a communications between owner, project engineer, designer, golf course superintendent, general golf course contractor and sub contractors, vendors and suppliers, and site engineers.  Meeting minutes are published and action items assigned with due dates for implementation.

 Updated schedules for various construction line items are published weekly.  We also ask that a daily site person representing the owner (quite often the golf course superintendent) produce a weekly update on construction progress, weather conditions, etc.

Next Step.

The images below show the construction of a 145 acre tract of land, from breaking ground through opening day on The River Club in Clarksville, Tennessee.