Billy Fuller Golf Design


The last line item in the contractor’s agreement for each hole is grassing.  This typically includes a combination of seed, sprigs, and sod.  Once the turf is installed it becomes the owner’s responsibility to bring the turf to maturity and ready for play.  The golf course superintendent is in the primary position implementing the grow-in programs.  This is a very intense time (four to six months typically) of applying specific agronomic programs designed to bring the turf to maturity as quickly as possible.  It might be compared to putting a beautiful wedding gown on the bride.  It is this turf cover that protects the designer’s masterpiece, and allows the players to enjoy the game to the fullest.

 Unlike some design programs, Billy Fuller continues to make site visits through the all important grow-in period, sharing effective agronomic programs from years of experience with the on site golf course superintendent.  Billy experienced five grow-ins as a golf course superintendent and well over one hundred fifty as a consultant.


Grand Opening & Beyond:  We enjoy staying involved with our projects through annual design reviews, if the club approves.  Mr. Fuller has on going consulting relationships with many clubs extending back sixteen years in some cases.  He enjoys maintaining good relationships with club officials and staff to ensure the integrity of the design and maintenance programs.  Having spent fifteen years as a golf course superintendent, he understands the tools needed by the superintendent to maintain turf to the desired level and this knowledge can be a valuable, ongoing resource .