Billy Fuller Golf Design


Once the owner approves the Master Plan Design, we develop a bid package that includes:

 1 - Working Drawings such as Strategy Plan, Contour Plans, Greens Plans, Clearing Plan, Erosion Control Plan, Irrigation Plans, Grassing Plan are produced using state-of-the-art software that places every design feature from greens, tees, bunkers and fairways to cart paths, drainage, lakes and streams into digital CAD files.  With the information provided in each course plan, Billy Fuller Golf Design has the ability to produce an accurate cost estimate for every project.

2 -  Bid for Contract & Scope of Work

3 -  Technical Specifications (describes how to build each course feature, such as erosion control, clearing, greens, tees, bunkers, drainage, irrigation, grassing, etc.)

4 -  AIA Contract (agreement between golf course owner and contractor).  We typically allow 60 to 120 days to prepare these documents, depending on scope of work.

 Once complete, these documents represent everything a contractor needs to offer a unit price bid and lump sum bid.  We feel it is critical that unit prices are included for all key features (greens, tees, bunkers, drainage pipe, irrigation, cart paths, earthwork, etc.) to protect the owner.  


When the bid package is complete, we extend an invitation to qualified golf course contractors to visit the site and study the documents and plans.  We are there with them to answer questions and make sure they are enabled to produce a comprehensive and competent bid.  We allow them 30 days to submit bids.  Once bids have been received we confer with the owner to evaluate and determine the best contractor for his golf course.

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