Billy Fuller Golf Design

 Hinsdale was created in late 1898 when twenty men, impressed with the newly introduced game of golf, laid out a rudimentary six-hole golf course in a pasture.  In 1899, the Club moved from the original course to an eighty acre tract of rolling pasture land.  On this parcel of land, the Club built a nine-hole golf course as well as a clubhouse.  Within about two years of building the course, the Club expanded to a full eighteen holes. The Western Open Championship of the Western Golf Association was played on this course in 1907.

By the new millennium, modern golf technology and time had taken their toll on the great course.  As a great student and admirer of the Golden Era period of golf design, it was a thrill for Billy to restore Hinsdale.  He researched old maps and interviewed members who had played the course for decades.

 The eighteenth hole is representative of the changes he designed.  He shifted the centerline, reshaping the fairway with 10,000 cubic yards of fairway and slope.  New trees were planted inside the dogleg and a new bunker strategy was employed to return this hole to its former strategic feel.

Hinsdale Country Club

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Chicago, Illinois