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Golfweek’s Best Municipal Courses

July 17. 2009

Of all of the terminology specific to golf, perhaps no term has changed in perception over the years as much as “muni.”

There was a time when “muni” almost invariably was preceded by the adjective “hardscrabble.” The term conjured images of hitting battered range balls off scruffy mats to a flat, dirt range with makeshift “greens” marked by rickety pins topped by tattered flags. Conditions got only marginally better when you reached the first tee.

No more. That quickly becomes apparent when scanning the 2009 list of Golfweek’s Best Municipal Courses. The top three courses – Bethpage Black (2009), Chambers Bay (2015) and Torrey Pines South (2008) – are U.S. Open venues. And many others, including fifth-ranked TPC Scottsdale’s Stadium Course, host the major pro tours.

Papago Golf Course in Phoenix ,Arizona came in at number 21 in the country, just behind Bethpage Red, and the TPC of Scottsdale.