Billy Fuller Golf Design

Phase Two Design / Renovation Process

 Once the Owner approves the plan and agrees to move forward with the renovation work, phase two of the design process commences.

Step One:

Develop Working Drawings that include contour/grading plans, erosion control plan by engineer, drainage plans (small golf drainage by designer, storm drainage by engineer), grassing plan, irrigation plans by irrigation consultant.

Develop Golf Documents that include Scope of Work / Bid for Contract, Technical Specifications, General Conditions, Permit Documents (by others), etc.

Invite select golf course contractors to a Pre Bid Conference to review the scope of work and golf course and provide above-mentioned plans and documents for bid submittal;

Once bids are submitted Billy Fuller assists the Owner with Bid Evaluation in preparation for choosing preferred contractor and establishing agreement between Owner and Contractor;

The following Slides are Sample Working Drawings

Coweta Club #8 Contour / Grading Plan    

Legacy Golf Club #12 Green Complex Grading Plan   


MPP Legacy Golf Club Grading Plan #1 & #2

Wynlakes Golf Club Grading Plan #18

Step Two

Billy Fuller makes Site Visits as needed to monitor the work to completion and submit site visit notes following each visit;

Step Three

Billy Fuller continues to make site visits during the Grow-in up to Grand Opening to offer support to the golf course superintendent during this critical period.  This is unique to the golf design industry in that Billy Fuller Golf Design brings years of agronomic experience  in addition to strategic design experience.