Billy Fuller Golf Design

Billy brings over 35 years of experience in golf course maintenance, course management,  construction, and design, to every project.  He is completely hands-on throughout the entire processes.  He spends a great deal of time onsite understanding the land (for new courses) and existing course strategic elements (for renovations). He guides the owner and staff through each step to ensure the end product meets owner’s expectations.     

Every round of golf is impacted by three key design elements, regardless of geographic location, topography, motif, dimensions, or type of golf course.  These elements are  Strategy, Aesthetics, and Conditioning.  

Simply stated, strategic quality is what one feels as he/she plays the course.  It has to do with the overall course routing, how holes turn left, right, or straight, directions of holes as related to wind and sun, how slope impacts one’s stance, how hazards are situated, varying lengths of holes, uphill verses downhill, upwind verses downwind, angles from tee to landing areas, how greens are designed for size, shape, angle of centerline, and a host of other issues that greatly impact the player’s experience.  All of these conditions impact the player’s level of enjoyment.

Course Design

We produce as many  routing options as necessary to maximize golf (and housing, if a golf/real estate community).  We study the property and its natural amenities closely, making sure to preserve the environment as much as absolutely possible.  Our goal is to blend the course with the natural features of the property. The more one walks the property the more it is possible to appreciate the natural amenities and the best possible routing.  

We use state of the art golf course design software which places every design feature from tees, greens and fairways to cart paths, basins, bunkers and lakes into digital CAD files. With the information provided in each course plan, Billy Fuller Golf has the ability to produce an accurate cost estimate for every project.

Billy Fuller has worked with more than a dozen of the top golf course contractors in North America, all members of the Golf Course Builders Association of America.  He knows their site superintendents and shapers by name and previous work experiences.  His goal is always to achieve an “A-Team” to accomplish the work.

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